Queen and Collection is an Australian jewellery brand that founded in 2020 to redefine classic jewellery for the modern woman. Our designer and founder Seyhan’s 15 years of experience in the creative fashion industry and her design skill has contributed largely to her success. Each piece designed in Melbourne, Australia and created by the selected craft mans over in Istanbul, Turkey as limited editions. So, you will find that each piece being produced only once and with very limited numbers with purpose, this approach emphasises longevity through mastered jewellery techniques and exceptional fit. This philosophy exceeds into our designs - modestly, simplistic jewellery that elevates a woman’s everyday style.


“I’d describe my style as simple, feminine and elegant. I also use specific fashion trend of the moment as an inspiration, beside highlighting the statement of timeless designs to elevate even the most simple, minimalistic outfits. And my goal is to create something that puts people at ease for getting dressed in the morning.  Every woman wearing my jewellery has her very own unique story behind it to tell. The jewellery you wear should remind you of what and who you are and to motivate you to keep doing what you do best. Every day. I feel very blessed to pass confidence, strength and motivation to my beautiful customers.”


Seyhan Bektas

Designer and Founder